What Clients have to say....


"Abel Consulting & Coaching is a valuable asset for Lantana.  Liz is an excellent sales leader and coach who can build confidence, teamwork and focus within your sales team.  She is an integral part of our new business development, hiring and strategic/tactical sales planning.  Liz’s ability to mentor young managers and sales professionals is outstanding.  I highly recommend Abel Consulting & Coaching to any organization looking to expand and energize their sales operations." Karl J. GM, Lantana Communications

"Liz proved to be an extremely valuable investment for Lantana.  We requested Liz’s consultant expertise to drive sales leadership and structure.  Liz spent her first month here evaluating our structure and sales processes and the remainder of the engagement implementing positive change within the inside sales team.  Her eye-opening ideas changed the way we manage the inside sales team.  The team has never been as motivated and educated as they are now.  Liz also helped me develop stronger management skills that I will carry with me the rest of my life, she isn’t just a consultant she is a role model and mentor." Zach H. Inside Sales Manager, Lantana Communications

 "I met Liz through a University alumni association for professionals. She came into my life at the perfect time; while I was pursuing a job field change. She was vital to my success in finding the perfect job for me. She coached me on how to present the experience I had in a way that creatively showed I would be an asset to the company. I could change the way the accounting department was perceived by being a liaison to the sales force due to my extensive experience in that field. Liz also was an invaluable coach during stressful salary negotiations. She is a master at win-win negotiations. With her mentoring, I obtained a higher salary than I originally thought I could get. I used her as a resource again around the time of my annual review. With her help, I successfully negotiated for a 15% salary bump contingent upon hitting performance milestones. Liz’s coaching has enabled me to find a job I love, negotiate for the salary I am worth, and continue to propel my career forward at a rate faster than I could achieve on my own." Klare V. Global Channel Manager, Gallup

"I have known Liz for over 25 years. She is energetic, motivating, and extremely talented. She can quickly identify the areas for improvement and put processes in place to meet established goals. Liz has a talent and gift for being a coach and mentor to team members. Their success is her success. The team develops skills through her efforts that benefit the company and the individuals personally. I would recommend Liz for any project involving sales force improvement or personal coaching for individual team members who need to learn how to reach their full potential." Dona S. Change Leadership Architect, Community Health Network

"The assessment helped me to pinpoint some potential concerns and address them with specific interview questions. I really liked her responses! We spent about 2 hours together - and the cool part was that the conversation flowed. Because I had the details, I knew exactly what I needed to better understand, and it allowed me to have a much richer conversation - as opposed to just asking a list of questions. Thank you so much!" Terri B. State Farm Agency Owner 

"The guidance I received from Liz in preparing for my first full-time job was invaluable. She provided me with sound, real-world guidance and tips which enhanced my confidence through mock interviews, resume critiquing, and cover letter suggestions. The success that I have had in this process can be directly attributed to the advice I’ve received from Liz." Kaitlin S. UNL Graduating Senior