How does this work?


  1. How do we coach clients at Abel Consulting & Coaching?  First and foremost it’s a partnership we believe you will find highly interactive – yes, there are lots and lots of questions for you to ponder and answer.  By the end of the session(s), you will feel stretched; you will encounter self-revelations, but most importantly, we help you develop and own your plan.  This plan will move you forward in your current career, in the search of a new career, in the transition between careers, or in the quest for a more well-rounded life (work/life balance, better time management).  We hold you accountable to do what you say you are going to do.  
  2. What we are?  What we are not? We are not a doctor prescribing the perfect prescription to cure all your ills.   Our job is to help you use your own strengths and talents to maximize your performance.  We listen, we ask questions, we support, we use tools, and we motivate. 
  3. What is the process?  A weekly 50-minute phone call is scheduled each week.     We will call you.    We’ll discuss and clarify your goals, establish steps you will take in making your goals and dreams reality, and you will determine how you want us to hold you accountable.     During each call, we will determine what worked well and what didn’t in the previous week as well as tweaks which need to be made the next week.
  4. When do we know we have come to the successful end of a coaching engagement?  It’s quite simple: when you have reached your goal(s) and you feel you have developed a system which you can replicate time and time again for reaching other big dreams.  No two clients are alike; therefore, coaching engagements vary as well.  It may be you feel you only need a couple sessions to get on-track.  We find most clients feel best served and are only able to develop a plan once they have been making a regular and concerted effort over the period of 2-3 months